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Random Number Generation
Ran#, RanInt#, RanNorm#, RanBin#
Metric Conversion calculations
Remainder of Integer
MOD function
Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)
Least Common Multiple (LCM)
Complex number can be used in Matrix
calculation and Simultaneous Equation.
Xor function in Base-n calculation
Maximum number of rows and columns
that can be specified for matrix is 999.
Higher degree of polynomial equation
(4-6 degrees)


  • New regression forms
  • Exponential regression (a*b^x form)
  • Linear regression (a+bx form)
  • Chi-GOF (goodness of fit) function
  • New type of statistical graph
  • Pie graph, Bar graph
  • New graph and Inequality graph types of expression
  • X=f(y) type (rectangular coordinates)
  • X>f(y) or constant, XIntegral graphs
  • Financial>
  • New Financial function
  • Depreciation calculation
  • Bond calculation
  • 21 new equations
  • String function
  • New built-in application>
  • E-CON2 (EA-200 Controller)
  • Pre-installed application>
  • Geometry

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