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  • Ideal for Recording Date & Time on Documents
  • Prints Time & Date and Has Large "Easy-to-Read" Digital Clock Display
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Can be Ordered with Optional Die Plates
  • Handles Wide Range of Papers from Onion Skin to 1/4" Thick Stock
  • Automatic Ribbon Advance & Reverse
  • Designed for Desk or Table Mounting
  • Heavy Duty Design & High Traction Feet Prevent "Walking" When Used



  • (大特價HK$1,380)
  • The Model 150 is an Heavy-Duty Automatic Print Time Recorder that is activated by inserting time card or document, which allows one-hand print operation. These dependable workhorses are suitable for any size business in any environment.

    NEEDTEK TS-220

  • Electronic Time Recorder Time Stamp
  • Numbering Machine
  • Selectable printing order up to 17 sets for choice
  • Asterisk Marks Irregular Attendance
  • Build-in Buzzer and ouput signal Function


    NEEDTEK TS-350

  • Electronic Time Recorder
  • Time Stamp & Numbering Machine
  • Slectable printing order up to 30 sets for choice
  • Customizable printing order;
  • 3 separate lines maximum for setting
  • Build-in Buzzer & Output Signal function


    NIDEKA AP-10



    NIDEKA AP-20


    SEIKO TP-20

  • The most advanced Time/Date and numbering printer on the market. This replaces the TP-10 time clocks and makes giant advances on these to offer more convenient and versatile features than ever.
  • Never needs resetting, keeps time during power failures
  • Perpetual calendar until 2099, changes year, month and date automatically
  • Chooses left or right hand margin printing
  • Large window for accurate alignment of form
  • Print selections include : Manual, Auto, Semi-Auto and combination
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight saving
  • 1 to 8 digits numbering : Up to 9 repeats
  • Selectable printing orders, 29 presets
  • Customizable printing
  • 4 digits numeric password for program protection
  • Desktop or wall mounting



  • Stromberg Time Recording Machine Model 250-2L
  • Automatic date & time recorder with time imprint options can meet any of your time recording requirements



  • The digital time display can be synchronized with the print mechanism. Completely automatic. Generates swift processing of all orders and messages. Focuses attention on any area where unwarranted delay occurs. Excellent for penetrating carbon forms

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